Scheduled Public Meetings Have Been Canceled for the Month of April

Meets Quarterly @ 6 pm at Glasgow Town Hall


Is to act as an advisory body to the Leadership of the Department of fire, rescue, and emergency services. Responsibility for the leadership, management and delivery of fire, rescue, and emergency services rests with the Chief and Captains of the Departments.

These objectives will be achieved through partnership and teamwork of a combination volunteer and career/paid Department, as endorsed and supported by the Council and this Committee.

The Committee is responsible for supporting the fire and rescue service delivery model as the primary means of providing high quality and cost-effective service to the citizens of Glasgow.

Toward that end, there is a desire to establish a Public Safety and Emergency Services Committee of knowledgeable persons to advise the Council and Town Manager as to what is in the best overall interest of the community.

Members Include:

Councilor Barrett McFaddin

Councilor Aaron Britton

Glasgow Chief of Police Angel Poole

One Representative from Glasgow Fire Department

One Representative from Glasgow Rescue Squad

Charge to the Committee

Designee for oversight of Glasgow’s fire, rescue, and emergency services. The committee will make recommendations to the Council, Fire Department, and Rescue Squad on matters including but not limited to:

• Cost effective service provisions

• Recognition and promotion of the welfare of the general public

• Accountability for service levels and resources in a manner required for all public programs

• Meeting administrative reporting deadlines and requirements

• Fair representation and communication of all views regarding these services