Scheduled Public Meetings Have Been Canceled for the Month of April

Meets quarterly @ 6 PM at Glasgow Town Hall


Mission Statement:

This committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Town Manager and Town Council on public works matters, including; street maintenance, street signs, parks, drainage, street lights, water and sewer, use and maintenance of public buildings & grounds, prioritization of public works improvements, service extensions, engineering services and solid waste.

To protect the safety, health, welfare, and the infrastructure investment of the Town residents, businesses, and visitors by providing quality service recommendations, within available resources and budgets, to the Town Council in a timely and efficient manner, and advise the Town Council on the quality of work being performed by chosen contractors/employees.


Charge to the Committee

To serve in an advisory capacity to the Town Manager and Town Council on any and all Public Works / Water & Sewer / Engineering projects, which the Town is involved in, and to review and oversee the status of these projects as referred by the Town Council or the Town Manager.

The key elements of the Committee’s mission include

Public Works

• To evaluate the Town's road, sidewalk, drainage, and park systems, then recommend priorities for their maintenance, repair, extension, and reconstruction;

• To recommend a plan for mowing services and equipment, weed control, invasive species eradication, water drainage issues, or any other needs identified as pertains to roads, easements, ditches, culverts, and right of ways;

• To recommend technical advisory for major projects;

• To identify and recommend potential maintenance needs for streets by inspecting each and every street at least twice annually, specifically in the spring and fall;

Public Utilities

• To assist and advise the Town Council in the establishment and maintenance of water, sewer, and other future public utility objectives;

• To institute criteria for distribution systems, water quality, water quantity, infrastructure needs, and funding;

• Areas of responsibility shall include developing and advocating policy recommendations to the Town Council and educating Council about the water and sewer programs.

Long-Term Infrastructure Planning

• To make recommendations to Town Council for projects requesting Capital Reserve Maintenance Fund dollars;

• To annually develop and recommend a street surface management plan to the Planning Commission for the Capital Improvement Plan process;

• To annually review the Town of Glasgow’s Comprehensive Plan with the Planning Commission and recommend to the Commission changes and updates, as needed, on matters pertaining to Public Works and Utilities;

Members Include:

Councilor Sonny Williams

VACANCY One Citizen-at-Large

Councilor Sonny Williams

Councilor Andy Ryan

VACANCY One Citizen-at-Large

Councilor Sonny Williams

VACANCY One Citizen-at-Large

VACANCY One Citizen-at-Large

VACANCY One Citizen-at-Large