Scheduled Public Meetings Have Been Canceled for the Month of April

Meets 1st Monday of each month @ 6 PM at Glasgow Town Hall



The Glasgow Community Development Committee is to promote pride and community spirit among residents, enhance the Town’s image and attract new residents, businesses and visitors. The Committee plans, sponsors, encourages and promotes various events that will improve the social and economic well-being of residents of Glasgow. These events include the annual Labor Day Weekend Events, a seasonal Farmers' Market, movies, concerts, and Christmas festivities.

The Committee strives to create a fun atmosphere suitable for all ages with a variety of entertainment options and regularly changed events to advance and preserve community interest. All events are community-wide, open to all residents and are usually free to attend or have a minimal charge associated to help minimize the cost of food or entertainment purchased.

Community Members

Members are appointed by Town Council and will serve two (2) year terms. The initial terms of the Committee shall be one member for a one (1) year term, two members for (2) year terms and two members for three (3) year terms.

Members Include:

Tonya McFaddin until 12/31/2022

Carolyn Bradley until 12/31/2022

Councilor Andrea Bradley until 12/31/2021

Deborah Farina until 12/31/2021

Brandy Flint until 12/31/2020

Mayor - ex officio member

Police Cheif - ex officio member

Town Manager - ex officio member

Charge to the Committee

 The key elements of the Committee’s mission include: 

• Assuring that events and festivities are coordinated in effective manner;

• Coordinate with other entities within the Town Government, local service organizations, and event organizers;

• To promote community involvement and foster community spirit;

• To serve as an arm of the town to drive community volunteers to areas where needed;

• To identify economic development opportunities related to community development and tourism;

• To encourage the use of public park facilities and identify opportunities for park and recreation facility expansion and upkeep;

• Collaborating with local recreational organizations to promote outdoorsmanship and youth sports;

• Establish a year-long events calendar each year

• The dedication of public funds intended to help local sponsoring organizations start and establish an event, but the long term goal is for the event to become self-sustaining.