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Town Government

The Charter

The Town of Glasgow was established by a Charter granted by the General Assembly on February 29, 1892. The Town is operated under the Council-Manager form of government. Legislative power is vested in the Town Council and the responsibility for the administrative and executive functions are delegated to the Town Manager, who is appointed by the Council. 

Under direction from the Council, the Town Manager’s duties include responsibilities which, in a larger locality, would be assigned to specific personnel. These duties include administration, budgeting, planning, zoning, public works, and community development. 

The Town provides services such as water treatment and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, trash collection, maintenance of certain streets, police protection, and park & recreation facilities. 

Regular Meetings

Council meets the second Tuesday of every month at the Glasgow Library at 7pm. Upcoming Council Meeting Agendas and Packages are posted the Friday before in the Council documents tab below. 

Mayor & Town Council

The Town Council consists of six members elected by written ballot. A Mayor is also elected, at-large, by written ballot. In 2004 the General Assembly granted a change in the Town’s charter to allow election schedules to be set by ordinance. In that year the Council adopted an ordinance which staggers the terms of the Council members, while leaving the term of office at two years. 

Council's Strategic Plan

Town Council adopted a Strategic Plan in August of 2019, outlining initiatives for the Town over the next 2-3 years.

2019-2021 Strategic Plan (pdf)


Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Calendar

FY21 Budget Calendar (pdf)


Glasgow Mayor


Mayor Ruby Clark (2014 - present)

Member of Town Council
2000 - 2013

Past Committee/Commission Assignments
Finance Committee
Parks & Recreation Committee 

Bachelor Degree - Mary Baldwin College

Civic Activities
Glasgow Baptist Church - Member

Contact Information:
Phone: 540-460-3212

Town Council

Andrea Bradley


Serving Since 2014 

Sonny Williams


Serving Since 2014 

Greg Hartbarger


Serving Since 2018 

Andy Ryan


Serving Since 2018

Aaron Britton


Serving Since 2019

Barrett McFaddin


Serving Since 2019