Scheduled Public Meetings Have Been Canceled for the Month of April



Below are a list of the Town's recent press releases

2020 CDBG Business District Planning Grant Award


After completing the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Initial Activities for its Business District Revitalization (BDR), the Town of Glasgow will have up to $35,000 available in grant funding from the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) for the purpose of developing solutions for its business district. Please continue reading below for further information.

CDBG-BDR - Press Release - 2.24.2020 (pdf)


2020 Post Council Retreat


The mayor and council discussed how best to set priorities for the coming year and developed a preliminary list of priorities and a model of how insure timely completion for projects and cooperative resolution of issues. 

The preliminary list included:

1. Updating the Charter to reflect current practices and revising ordinances for easier understanding and enforcement.

2. Establishing an Ad Hoc (temporary) Committee to begin the planning and exploration process for a new Town Hall.

3. Establishing a long-term financial sustainability plan for the water and sewer funds.

4. Expanding current parks and recreation facilities fostering community development. 

Council Retreat 2020 POST RETREAT - Press Release - 1.20.2020 (pdf)


2020 Council Retreat

Glasgow Town Council will hold a daylong retreat on Saturday, January 18, 2020, from 9am-5pm at the Emergency Communication Center in Buena Vista, Virginia. 

Council Retreat 2020 Press Release - 1.9.2020 (pdf)


2019 CDBG Business District Planning Grant

Discusses the Town's award of the Community Development Block Grant for Business District Revitalization

CDBG-BDR Press Release - 12.6.2019 (pdf)


2019 Events Pavilion

Discusses the completion of the new events pavilion, ribbon cutting ceremony, and summer concert at the pavilion

Pavilion Press Release - 8.9.2019 (pdf)