Scheduled Public Meetings Have Been Canceled for the Month of April

Meets the 1st Thursday of each month @ 6 PM at Glasgow Town Hall


Ad Hoc Glasgow Town Hall Advisory Committee


The Town of Glasgow – acting through the Mayor & Council – has authorized the creation of a new ad hoc (temporary) committee to begin exploring relocation options for a new Town Hall.

Toward that end, there is a desire to establish an Advisory Committee of knowledgeable persons to help the Mayor and ultimately Council as to what is in the best overall interest of the Town.

                                                          Charge to the Committee

1. Review the needs, objectives, and goals including square footage, location, and financial feasibility.

2. Review the Zoning By-law to determine permitted uses and development standards.

3. Review and determine Architectural Standards and deed restrictions – if any – to be a part of the criteria.

4. Consider adjacent Town owned land(s) to determine if any portion, or its entirety, should be included with building addition or potential land purchases.

5. Determine a scoring system to give reasonable weight to issues not only of price but of the beneficial value to the community of any proposed relocation.

                                                            Time for Completion:

The intent is to review all options and prepare a recommendation to Town Council, no later than December 8th, 2020.


Barrett McFaddin - Councilor

Sonny Williams - Councilor

Aaron Britton - Planning Commission

Reese McClanahan - Planning Commission

Boyd Walker - Citizen-at-Large